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If only all food was this good!
Average Price - $275.00 
   + shipping
Average Price - $232.00 
           + shipping
25 lb. Variety Pack  
This is our most popular package.  Please keep in mind, it will fill 1/2 of a regular size freezer - and will feed a lot of hungry mouths!  Cost is only $11.00 per pound.
25 lb. Economy Variety Pack  
All the cuts of the variety pack minus the premium steaks.  All the FLAVOR and NUTRITION without the price.  Cost is only $9.25 per pound.
Our goal is to make your shopping experience as easy and convenient as possible.  We invite you to fill out the order page and submit it to us.  We'll call you to tell you shipping costs and finalize the order, or call our toll free number directly.  If you are looking for individual cuts, we sell  at the Pearl Farmers Market in San Antonio each Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm and Sunday from 10 am to 2 pm. Scheduled visits to the ranch are also welcome!  We look forward to serving you our natural, grass finished beef needs for a long time. 
25 lb. Ground Beef  
Our premium 90% lean ground beef runs  $8.00 per pound. 
Price - $200.00         + shipping
24 lb. Premium Chopped Steaks -  SPECIAL ORDER
Our premium chopped steaks are a bargain at only $3.00 per steak or $9.00 per pound. 
Price - $216.00 
    + shipping
20 lb. Premium Grilling Steaks CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE
You will think you are in heaven with this order.  A variety of 1" premium steaks at $20.00 per pound.
Price - $400.00
    + shipping
More About Our Beef:

 Lower fat and cholesterol and higher protein than other meats

 No growth hormones,steroids, or antiboiotics are used

 Calves totally finished on green grasses

 Research shows grass fed meat is higher in cancer-fighting CLAs, and antioxidant Omega 3 fatty acids

 Grass fed meat stays fresh longer because it is higher in Vitamin E

 Inspected, processed and certified under USDA

♥ Dry aged at 35º for 2 weeks

 Last longer in the freezer because it is vacuum packed

 Shudde Beef is one-owner beef, from our family ranch to your family table, ensuring high quality control!

Whole, Half and Quarter Beef
Our customers with larger families appreciate being able to order our beef in larger quantities.  A whole beef, half, or split quarter is available by special order.  May require 3 to 5 weeks for delivery.
Whole Price = $8.00 per pound + shipping 
Half Price = $8.25 per pound + shipping 
Quarter Price = $8.50 per pound + shipping 
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